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The extravirgin olive oil "Maestràl" it is a monocultivar, result from the best selected Moraiolo's drupes cultivated on the top of Valpolicella Hills.

It is produced approximately during the first decade of October, using a manual with facilitators harvest system and extracted immediately with a modern continous system oilmill.

The apparence is clear and showing a brilliant green. the density is perfectly fluid.

The fragrance is fresh, intense, herbaceous with rich artichoke and coffee notes, completed by balsamic hints of mint and black pepper.

In the mouth it is ample and complex, with a great intensity of bitter and spicy notes. The herbaceous aftertaste of artichoke, coffee and almond dominates a complexity of vegetables hints and a long persistence of smooth aromatic notes.

Perfect with fresh goat cheeses and medium cheeses, fish, porcini mushrooms, lentils, beans and vegetable soups in general. Great on red meat and first courses.